Pool miners defy odds to hit 6.25 BTC

Two lucky Bitcoin (BTC) miners have managed to win 6.25 BTC each from Solo CK, a mining pool that focuses on anonymous BTC mining.

The reward is surprising given that both individuals participated with negligible computing power in the pool.

The news was shared by Dr Con Kolivas, a software engineer who created the CGMiner used to mine and the Solo CK pool.

The users’ hashrate was too small to hope that they could land any big profit other than their incremental rewards distributed for helping advance the pool.

Kolivas offered some odds citing the hashrate of 126 TH/s that the first user was using. According to him, the chances of finding a full block on the BTC network were 1 in 10,000.

To translate that into more understandable terms, people were supposed to mine one full block for every 27 years of participation.

Apparently, they got lucky. The second winner was using even less hashrate with 116 TH/s. His win came three days after the first one. Not only that, but the second individual had joined Solo CK just a couple of days before they won. Both of these events constitute a form of “lottery win” owing to the unlikely nature of this happening.

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Updated: 01/14/2022 — 16:00