Ripple CEO denies “gangster-like pact”

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has vehemently denied that he funded a law firm that was designed to target competitors and pressure them out of business.

The report comes from Crypto Leaks, a website that focuses on corruption cases in the industry, which argued that Ava Labs and a law firm formed a pact to target rival cryptocurrency organizations.

The Ripple boss is named as part of the report. Crypto Leaks alleged that Garlinghouse has been approached by Kyle Roche of Roche Freedman, who offered the chief executive to invest in the firm and target cryptocurrency rivals.

“For whatever reasons Brad Garlinghouse invested in Kyle Roche and supported him on his current path, it certainly didn’t save him from the SEC”, Crypto Leaks reported.

Garlinghouse took the accusations calmy and took to Twitter to set the record straight on his on end.

He argued that while he was not able to comment on the slew of allegations presented in Crypto Leaks’ article, he sternly denied that he met or spoken with Roche, or invested in the firm.

But Garlinghouse is not a man who enjoys bad reputation in the community and has often been known to take the community’s side, despite the hardship of dealing with the US Security Commission in a recent spate of legal battles.

One Twitter user noted that the Crypto Leaks article itself seemed unsure of the facts. What was presented as a fact in one paragraph was then questioned in the next.

This, the user noted, undermined the credibility of the article. Garlinghouse has made no further comments so far.

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Updated: 08/30/2022 — 10:00