Robinhood User Data Now On The Darkweb

It has only been a short amount of time since Robinhood had its user’s information leaked in a hack. A Russian Telegram channel is claiming the data and information is already available for purchase on the dark web.

According to a blog post published by Robinhood, user data was hacked from its servers on 3 November. Just a little more than one week later and that data is already on the dark web for anyone to buy.

Robinhood claims five million of its user’s email addresses were leaked and an additional two million users had their full names released.

The release of the information shows an additional 330 users who had their email, names, full addresses and dates of birth leaked. On top of that 10 unfortunate users have had even more detailed information released.

One might wonder if losing your email address in a hack is significant. The answer can be found through a similar hack that happened to Ledger, the crypto hardware wallet provider. Ledger nano had a similar hack that included users’ email addresses and shipping details. These were also available for purchase on the dark web.

Scammers used this information to gain access to hundreds of people’s hardware wallets through tricky emails. When scammers have access to personal information it is much easier to fool someone into giving you personal details. 

There was no compensation given to those who were involved in the Ledger hack, and to this day, users report they receive messages from scammers attempting to gain access to their accounts.

This information is not just used to get into Ledger accounts but also into cryptocurrency exchanges. One user of Coinbase recently lost millions when a fake customer support notification tricked them into giving their login information. Unfortunately, there are many more stories like this than one can count.

If you are a Robinhood user there will likely soon be a way to verify if you were involved in the hack. So, stay vigilant against any emails that ask you to click links or give any personal information. When in doubt, contact them directly and confirm that the email is legitimate. It is also likely that those who purchase this information will also think you are involved in cryptocurrencies in other ways.

One good course of action is to change the email addresses associated with your accounts. Especially for Robinhood users.

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Updated: 11/15/2021 — 19:00