Samsung to Include NFT marketplace In TVs

Samsung has announced that its latest model of television will include a built in NFT marketplace for users.

New hardware for televisions that increases clarity, resolution, colors and frame rates can often take years to develop while manufacturers are always looking to sell new TVs every year. This prompts many to focus on adding new software to their devices that will entice consumers to purchase the latest models.

In a bid to gain hype around its latest line of televisions, Samsung appears to have jumped on the NFT bandwagon.

In recent years Samsung has come under fire for its software additions which have included unskippable ads and tracking software that sells your viewing data to companies.

To prevent consumers from switching brands for their next purchase, Samsung is now attempting to bring a new audience by incorporating NFTs.

NFTs have taken most of the spotlight in 2021 with many projects exploding in value and globally recognized companies joining in.

Some blockchain companies that struggled to stay relevant in recent years jumped into the top 100 by creating their own NFT marketplaces. This hype has slowed down a little over the last few months but many companies, including Samsung, are still looking to cash in on the NFT hype.

Samsung has not released a lot of info on the new NFT marketplace. In its statements it says that NFT marketplaces are currently very fragmented but does not allude to how it will solve this issue.

It is unknown which blockchain it will focus on or if it is trying to interpolate all of the various marketplaces into one. How these NFTs will be purchased and what type of wallets will be available is also a huge concern.

If successful Samsung will have created the first easily accessible NFT marketplace for the general consumer. There are many skeptics to this promotion as users wonder how it will function and what features will be available. Many also wonder how regulations will go with Samsung hosting a speculative market inside its televisions.

What do you think about having an NFT marketplace inside your TV? How long until we can buy a Bored Ape on our Samsung fridge while grabbing a glass of water? Will this be viable or just a big marketing scheme? Let us know what you think on our social media pages.


Updated: 01/05/2022 — 10:00

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