Scammer Michael Patryn unveiled as Wonderland boss

Avalanche based DeFi protocol Wonderland has been confirmed to be run by well-known scammer Michael Patryn.

Patryn had a dark past of running away from authorities and being a part of Quadrigacx, an exchange which scammed users out of millions of dollars.

Users enacted a vote to remove Patryn from the project, but it looks as though funds are already being siphoned out.

In a series of leaked conversations from the CSO of Wonderland Daniele Sesta it has been confirmed that Patryn is involved heavily with the team. Once the information was leaked, the team moved quickly to vote off Patryn from the team.

The vote to remove Patryn received majority support and the Wonderland team is hoping it can continue to grow after this incident.

Patryn has been a part of multiple scams and ponzi schemes over the years but became famous after the Canadian based cryptocurrency exchange Quadrigacx scammed its users and the founder disappeared.

The founder was then reported to have passed away and the remains were cremated before anyone could verify the identity.

Once the founder disappeared, many realized Patryn and his wife had received the majority of the funds on the exchange, while the users recovered nothing.

In order to avoid being prosecuted, Patryn has reportedly changed his name multiple times and undergone plastic surgery operations to avoid being arrested.

Patryn’s original name was Omar Dhanani but he has been operating under the name Sifu as part of the Wonderland project.

Wonderland had already raised a lot of red flags within the cryptocurrency communities. The DeFi protocol was offering massive 83,000% APY on staking products which is unsustainable.

The community Wonderland built was strong and they dubbed themselves the Frog Army. Many of the community members are still pushing for the success of the project while many have run.

The TIME token, used by Wonderland, is down more than 58% since the initial reports came out last week.

The token is still ranked 139th in total market capitalization but many expect the price to continue to fall after this news.

If you have used Wonderland before and no longer trust the DeFi platform, be sure to revoke any token authorizations as any approved cryptocurrencies could still be at risk.


Updated: 02/02/2022 — 08:00