Son poisons father for cryptocurrency

Liam Ghershony has been arrested and is awaiting trial for attempting to drug his father and steal his cryptocurrency. The man spent four days in the hospital but survived.

The father told reporters that he had made a $100,000 investment in which his son was a partner.

The investment grew to four times its original size before the son decided he wanted to cash in. The problem is the only way to access the funds was with his father’s phone.

The son was apparently nervous about the upcoming decline in the market and felt he needed to take drastic action to save the account.

The account was worth more than $350,000 in after tax profits in 2017/18 and the son started to demand his father cash out the investment. After the father declined, Ghershony decided to take matters into his own hands.

Ghershony’s plan to get hold of the Bitcoin (BTC) investment was to drug his father and use his biometrics to access his phone. The day of the crime, Ghershony helped his father move his furniture into a loft all day before having dinner.

After dinner, he handed his father a cup of tea that was laced with a lot of antidepressant medicine. The father remembers drinking the tea but nothing after that until waking up in the hospital.

The son took his father’s phone and accessed the account, moving two-thirds of the total investment out of BTC and into Ethereum (ETH). The son left the house believing his father would wake up a few hours later. His father laid in the apartment by himself for two days before he was discovered and taken to the hospital.

Ghershony was initially charged with murder but the charges were lowered to attempted murder when it was clear he never wanted to kill his father.

Ghershony was sentenced to 125 days in jail when he pled guilty in felony attempted murder. The son was also sentenced to drug rehabilitation and now lives in a group recovery home with other addicts and felons.

Both BTC and ETH dropped after the 2017/18 bull market but have recovered since. It appears his plan really had no purpose after all because he never fully cashed out the cryptocurrency.


Updated: 02/08/2022 — 16:00