South Park pillories crypto

Satirical TV show South Park is back mocking crypto and equating digital assets to a Ponzi scheme.

The latest episode of the show, which is also the of its 25th season, took a swing at and Matt Damon.

Three months ago, the cryptocurrency exchange produced an ad featuring the Hollywood actor which ended up mocked on “Pajama Day”, the first episode of the new season.

The show once again made fun of people who refused to wear masks and didn’t fail to point out how skeptical the show runners are towards crypto.

Damon was not actually featured in the visuals, but just mentioned as “that Matt Damon ad”.

In the series, Damon is brought up in the context of an ad that claims that “fortune favors the brave”. The show creators then use their characters to deliver comic relief:

“Craig: My dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his money.

Cartman: Yes, everyone did! But they were brave in doing so.”

South Park has offered strong criticism of societal issues over the years. After the financial crisis and collapse of 2008, the show ran an episode which predicated the entire financial system on random chance – in which the Federal Reserve would behead a chicken and let it run across a giant wheel of fortune.

Wherever the chicken’s convulsing body stopped, that defined the world’s monetary and fiscal policies.

In one of the earlier episodes, Stan, a fourth grader, was taken to a bank to deposit his first check. He decided to leave his money with the bank only to be informed, mere seconds later, that his money had “gone”.

“And… it’s gone”, a bank teller informs Stan. While the criticism of crypto is more thinly veiled in this episode, it’s hilarious and points to an issue with scams in cryptocurrencies and lack of clear regulation.

The special movies released in the interim between the seasons also touched on crypto. In one of those specials, Butters, another beloved character of the show, has been locked away in a mental asylum because he possessed the power to convince people to invest into NFTs.

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Updated: 02/04/2022 — 12:00