TerraLuna investors “suicidal” after crypto crash

A Reddit forum related to the TerraLuna token has seen users express suicidal thoughts on the platform having seen millions wiped off the coin’s value.

According to the daily Mail, the recent TerraLuna downturn has apparently led to increased relationship problems, as investors saw the token lose the bulk of its value. It lost so much that most people now consider it to be “worthless”.

Reddit reveals that people who bought, and had people close to them buy, into the project have become social pariahs with their friends. Many had bought early into the TerraLuna frenzy, and some even put down their life’s savings on the cryptocurrency.

The TerraUSD token was supposed to be a stable cryptocurrency that was tied to the US dollar. However, it turned out to be anything but.

The litany of confessions on Reddit continued with many admitting that they have become suicidal since the TerraLuna crash began.

TerraLuna began to struggle on May 8, prompting people to start selling rapidly. Some haven’t, and they are now writing that they are on the hook for as much as $450,000 and unable to pay for their homes. However, some have been more optimistic.

One person shared that losing $180,000 was the most severe mental pain they had ever gone through, but once that’s behind them, they would emerge much stronger.

Another said that their brother lost the bulk of his life’s savings and had now moved in with them.

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Updated: 05/17/2022 — 11:00