Web3: Why Web3 community will have more job opportunities by the end of 2022


Gartner predicts that 25% of consumers will spend at least one hour a day engaging with the metaverse for work, shopping, education, social or entertainment purposes by 2026.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Web3 for the past few months. But if you’re a Web3 geek, you know how far we have come from the 90’s internet. What’s driving this revolution? It’s not the money, not the trend, but the technological principles it adheres to. In light of this, more individuals are seeking career options in Web3.

Let’s unveil some opportunities, implementations, and latest developments this technology offers to the job market.

Why Web 3.0 now?
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View Details »Gartner predicts that 25% of consumers will spend at least one hour a day engaging with the metaverse for work, shopping, education, social or entertainment purposes by 2026.

With Blockchain, not only are the paradigms shifting to decentralized protocols, but it is also setting the stage for innovative business models and value relocations. What if a web browser came with a built-in adblocker and didn’t track or collect your data? The business model behind Brave is one such example of this paradigm shift in action.

In addition to finance, many other industries are implementing DeFi, including healthcare, supply chain, gaming, IoT, and digital identity. There is no end to this list. This is why Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are so hot right now. Thus, making their way towards a sustainable Web 3. O ecosystem.

What are Various Opportunities in the Web 3.0 Space?

Blockchain Software Developer
Popularly referred to as Blockchain dApp Developer, similar to how a web developer builds web applications using protocols defined by web architects and Blockchain Core Developers. Essentially, they build dApps on top of Blockchain infrastructure using existing tools. This is accomplished by building smart contracts on the Blockchain and deploying them. Solidity and Substrate are among the tools required for the job.

Solidity Developer
Due to the technology-driven nature of web3, most of these roles may already exist in tech but will be adapted to web3. An example would be a solidity developer. They design smart contracts for Ethereum, one of the largest blockchains. These contracts are created using a programming language named Solidity. This would be a good fit for you if you like working as a developer in the Web3 space. Plus, the salaries for this specialty skillset are outrageous.

Blockchain Engineer
As a blockchain engineer, you will likely be working within Ethereum and Bitcoin, among the world’s largest blockchain platforms. As part of this role, they design and develop applications using blockchain technology, evaluate them, and use that technology to create systems or applications that benefit their employer.

Marketing Officer
Web3 will also offer traditional, non-technical positions in addition to tech-oriented positions. Marketing is one such area. This zone offers a wide range of positions, from junior roles to senior and chief executives. If marketing is something you fancy, then it’s worth exploring this space and put your skills to use.

Community Manager
It does exactly what it says but within a very limited realm. A person in this role will not only manage the company’s relationships with its communities but will be expected to manage them on platforms like Discord and Telegram. In these spaces, you will be responsible for creating buzz for your Web 3.O company. Essentially, they help anchor the trust in the firm with customers and create awareness across the community to help onboarding enthusiasts.

UX&UI Designer
It is pretty self-explanatory. In terms of design principles, blockchain products are just like any other product. But there is a snag. You have to follow the KISS principle since Blockchain is a bit hard to grasp for ordinary people. Getting your product to mass adoption also means communicating with developers. It requires making the user experience seamless throughout the process. That too, with the elimination of any bottlenecks due to technical complexity.

From AI creating synergy with the Web 3.O to NFTs powering up, virtual interactions to social media, Flux advancing it’s iterations of the web to cloud technology in this space, the developments are accelerating. It’s clearly a year for Web 3.O and more. So, why wait? Have your fingers on the pulse; the Web 3.O community is going to pop more opportunities by the end of 2022, propelling itself to a new level.

( Vijay Pravin Maharajan is the founder & CEO of bitsCrunch)

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