Work X uses NFTs and Self-Sovereign Identity in personnel recruitment

Decentralized platform economy Work X has launched to match-make job seekers with the perfect employer, specifically fine-tuned for each individual.

Work X identifies a person’s work credentials, be it a bachelor’s degree, diploma, certificate, or the like, and compiles all personal achievements into a ‘Self-Sovereign Identity’.

Self-Sovereign Identity enables the ability to regain control over ones own data gathered from assessment and development courses. Rather than losing all the information relating to past performance, the idea is to import every credential of data and store it in a unique wallet used to match with future employers.

Personal NFTs are generated on Work X and can be booked by employers in need of a particular skill set. Employees can offer their personal NFTs for a wide variety of jobs on the Work X platform, however, users are not just tied to Work X, the personal NFTs are made available to use everywhere. Work X will function as an open platform whereby employees can use their NFTs to directly match with jobs.

Work X CTO & co-founder Daniel de Witte explained: “By introducing a generic standard, other projects can also leverage this technology to free their users from often contained silos.

“Because Work X will also offer immersive collaboration within metaverse playgrounds, this generic standard enables true metaverse travel, not only with tradable NFTs but also with something much more personal; your identity.

“Being able to showcase and switch between different sets of applicable achievements, skills, or experience, for different situations, people can quickly adjust themselves to whatever metaverse-world they want to travel.”

It’s safe to say traditional norms have been dissipating for some time, with Artificial Intelligence and a growing virtual universe, should the world opt for a digital identity too? Are the days of paper scrolls and mounted certificates long gone, or is this a very practical way of keeping years of impractical data safe and combined, into ones own digital skills passport?

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Updated: 01/07/2022 — 12:00